Temporary Hiatus

Hello Everyone!  Happy Tuesday!  I just have to say that I’m totally envious of all of you crafters out there who are attending the Winter CHA Convention in Anaheim, California.  I’ve been trying to keep up on reading the blogs about the convention and it looks amazing–I’m from the hood of So.Cal. and it figures that all kinds of cool crafting events are scheduled there year-round and I don’t live down there any more!  Maybe one day I’ll be able to get down there to partake!

Anyhoo–I wanted to write today to say that I’m going to need to take a brief break from my regular blogging for a spell.  I’m currently in Northern California at my parents house to help care for my Mom.  She’s a hospice patient and I’m here to assist in her care and help my Dad around the house.

I brought some of my card making supplies with me but, there really isn’t any down-time for me to sit and create, let alone be creative–But that’s OK.  My priorities have shifted to what is really important and that’s being with my Mom and Dad–physically, mentally and spiritually.

Once I get back home to Northern Idaho, I’ll be able to regroup and get back into blogging on a regular basis.  I do have some big plans for myself in 2014 and making my blog better is one of my goals–among a list of many!

So, until next time–THANK YOU ALL for your continued support and remember–Stay Artsy Fartsy!!  XOXO-Shari

6 thoughts on “Temporary Hiatus

  1. We will all miss your blog but understand how life shifts when hospice arrives in our lives. Our prayers and thoughts are with you to have the strength, wisdom and courage to face this end of life of your mom.


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  2. Family is always a priority! I hope our warm weather stays good for you while your here in NorCal and your time with your parents at this time is more precious then ever. Take care and many thoughts to you during this time.

  3. Take good care lady!! We’ll be here and waiting when you are ready to blog again! Sending lotsa love to you, Mom & Dad xxooxx

    • Thank You so very much, Alison! The experiences I’m having with my Mom at the end of her life are the most difficult, yet fulfilling moments that I could ever have. I know that I am becoming a better human being because of where I’m at right now and I plan on translating all of this into being a better writer and creative soul! Your support is part of my strength and I appreciate it soooo much! Thank You, Alison! XOXO-Shari

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