Going on Hiatus

HELLO HELLO HELLO!!  HAPPY MONDAY & HAPPY 1ST DAY OF SUMMER!!  Thanks for joining me today, for what will be my last posting here at Ain’t That Artsy Fartsy, at least for a little while 😉

I’m taking an indefinite break from blogland and have already reduced my overall computer use by about 80%, and it feels GREAT!!!  So, don’t worry that you haven’t seen me visiting your blogs like I used to–It’s not you, It’s ME!!

Happily, I’m concentrating on commissioned work I’ve received and I’m also kicking around the idea of opening my own Etsy shop….heavily contemplating that one–will keep ya’ll posted if that comes to fruition 🙂

While on hiatus, Ain’t That Artsy Fartsy will be in a state of active suspension-I’m keeping all of the pages herein live and active so all of the links to & fro will continue to work, so, feel free to check out past posts because you never know where that twinge of inspiration might come from! 🙂

I’ll depart for now and wish you all a WONDERFUL SUMMER!

Until next time–Stay Artsy Fartsy!!



6 thoughts on “Going on Hiatus

  1. Sorry you leave your blog, Shari, but it seems you have great plans… And being far from a computer can’t be bad, for sure! My best wishes for the future! I hope to hear from you for good news!

  2. Shari, Being selfish, I will miss you being around but that said, here you are finding balance in your life and as you said, you will continue to be creative. Computer time can consume our lives, sometimes without us realising it so kudos to you for pausing, pressing re-set with your life and deliberately stepping away from the computer. I am sure your creative self will thank you for this decision.
    You know I always wish you the very best – hope we always keep in contact.

  3. I’ve wondered about all the departures from Design Teams recently. Glad it is for a positive reason and nothing gone wrong in your life! You will be missed, and I hope that once you are established that you will let us know. You’ve got a lot of talent and always give 200%. Best wishes, and a hug, Yvonne

  4. Oooh… I’m so sorry you leave your blog, Shari, I’m among the ones never far from you and your blog, and staying Artsy Fartsy forever!!! Please be sure of that even if I missed some of your blogs… Being myself so overwhelmed with my new job and projects (some regular workshops in a local shop, exciting adventure but also very tiring..) and taken from all parts.
    Well, it seems you are feeling well with this decision, with new plans…
    I envy you!!! 😀 I would love taking a little break from social networking and blogland too in that moment… But it’s not the good time for me if I want to be more know in my little corner of Brittany, to have a bit more ladies attending to my workshops! 🙂
    My very best wishes for you for the future, I hope we can stay in contact my lovely friend.
    And maybe swap a little piece of our respective art one day, what do you think?.. 😀 Loving yours so much!!!!! 🙂
    Bises & XOXO
    Corinne (Coco)

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